About us



Village Support Africa Group is a non-profit organization that was first established in Lusaka Zambia to help rehabilitate young people of urban areas in Zambia through education and support. Our goal is to assist these youg people to acquire good education together with a healthy lifestyle by assisting them all through their path of education up until after their University degree or College diploma. In 2017, VSA evolved with the desire of two researchers to continue doing development work for the rural poor particularly young people interested in acquiring good education but do not have the abilities to do so.

The initial funds of $5,000 from the researchers own capital was used for the project to renovate a small house in Lusaka that is now being used as the headquarters of the organization. As VSA grows and gains its reputation, supporters of VSA have been extending their assistance for the formation and strengthening of Self-help groups, training on educational goals and other projects. From now on, VSA will be expanding its development work and responding to basic social development concerns such as educational care, advocacy on training, working together with the villages in Zambia and basic financial aid.